Fastpathing through our auto phone system


For Automated Services - Press 1
To pay a Balance Due or inquire about a Recent Payment - Press 1
Producer Statement on Commission - Press 2
Anti-Arson Submission - Press 3
Deposit for application to be submitted by Fax - Press 4

To reach a Customer Service Representative for answers to Accounting, Underwriting, or general information - Press 2
If you have billing questions including non-payment cancellations press 1
If you have coverage questions or are inquiring about the insurability of a building including the status of a cancellation or appeal, press 2
If you have questions regarding the windstorm program press 3
If you have questions about the CMAP program, press 4
For questions about the Grant program, press 5
For all other questions including the status of an application already filed, press 6

How to Conduct Business with us on the internet and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Press 3
Website address - Press 1
How to obtain binder for a closing - Press 2
Non-NYPIUA cancellation - Press 3
NYPIUA cancellation - Press 4
Association address/Transportation information - Press 5
How Producers can obtain a NYPIUA access pin to view and print Declaration Pages - Press 6

To reach an Association Employee dial the extension number

To access the Employee Directory - Press 4

To reach the Claims Department - Press 5

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