Anti Arson Application Information

Anti Arson Application

A. What is an Anti-Arson application?

“Anti-arson application” means any application for insurance or renewal of insurance, covering the peril of fire or explosion that includes certain questions contained in subsection (c) of this section, which shall be answered by the applicant in addition to the basic information normally supplied to an insurer by an applicant.

B. Do I need to apply?

You must apply annually unless you qualify for the filing exemption under the statute as “owner-occupied real property used predominantly for residential purposes which consists of not more than four dwelling units”.

The term 'owner-occupied' means that: an owner must occupy the building or residence. There is no exemption from filing the anti-arson application where a family member who is not also an owner is the occupant of the applicable property.

The term “Property” means real property and the building and improvements.

C. Who completes the Anti-arson application?

The insured must complete and file an anti-arson application.

How do I submit an Anti-arson application? This form can be submitted by email at or fax (845) 218-9810.

D. What happens if I do not complete and file for the Anti-arson application?

Applicants that do not meet the statutory exception and do not apply for the Anti-arson application will be cancelled by the Association. Cancellation for failure to submit this form may not be appealed and a new insurance application will be required for coverage. Note: this may result in a lapse of coverage.

E. My property has two separate buildings with the same address. Will I need two separate application?

For Dwelling Fire policies, only 1 Anti-Arson Application must be submitted.

For Commercial Property policies, an Anti-Arson Application must be submitted for each unique location/building combination. Please refer to your policy declaration to identify the location/building number assigned to each building.