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You have the ability to make a one-time payment for your new business deposits, policy, billing account, or producer commission. Payments may be made online by credit card or e-check through a trusted third-party payment processing provider, ACI Worldwide, Inc.

ACI Worldwide, Inc maintains PCI-DSS Level 1 certification as well as NACHA compliance. ACI Worldwide, Inc is a licensed money transmitter in all states requiring such and adheres to state, federal, and banking security rules and regulations, and undergoes yearly security audits. Please note there may be a convenience fee involved if you choose to pay online. This fee is set and retained by ACI Worldwide, Inc. NYPIUA receives no portion of the convenience fee. After you have submitted the payment, please check your email for a confirmation page. Keep this information as a record of your receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation page, the payment was not properly submitted. Contact your bank or credit card company to confirm the transaction was completed.

Payments will not be immediately reflected on your NYPIUA account. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing. To proceed with this transaction, click next to continue payment processing.

Your Billing Account Number is an 8 digit number, which can be found on your invoice.